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Guide to Installing and Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn


A lush, green lawn is a benefit to your home, it adds curb appeal and comfort to your outdoor living. A struggling lawn with yellow patches or thin spots has the opposite effect, as does a bare dirt yard. You might be wondering how you can you install and maintain a lush, green lawn.

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Spring Cleanup and Your Yard


Spring cleanup is important for your yard. Take a look at what it can do for your outdoor space, why it's so necessary and how it needs to happen.


All About Thatching and Aeration


Sunlight and moisture can be crucial for your soil to be fertile and for the plants and grass to flourish and grow. Unfortunately, layers of dead grass, called thatch, piling up on the soil can prevent the sun’s rays and rain to seep through the land. Therefore, it can be extremely important to get rid of the thatch, so that the soil and live grass can receive the nourishment that it needs. There are primarily two lawn care methods to eliminate thatch from your land:

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