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Providing Effective Fertilization for Reno Lawns

You can water your yard and keep it neatly mowed and edged, but proper lawn fertilization is the only way to provide the important nutrients your grass needs. At Green Action Lawn Service in Reno, we use five different fertilizer applications throughout the course of the year, and each one serves a specific purpose. The first two visits in April and May help to control weeds and crabgrass while June’s treatment provides nitrogen sustenance for the drier months. We’ll return again in August or September to apply an iron product and additional weed killers before wrapping up the year with one final visit in October to prepare your grass for winter.

Our Scheduled Service Helps Keep Weeds in Check

A lush yard can be a homeowner’s pride and joy, but weeds can show up at any time and ruin the party. While soil conditions and over seeding can contribute to the problem, often times the invasive plants get carried in by the wind. You can certainly make changes to your maintenance routines to discourage unwelcome plant life, but chemicals often offer the best solution. If your property is being overrun by undesirable growth such as dandelions and crabgrass, we can apply weed control products during your next lawn fertilizing appointment and stop many problems before they take root.

Serving All of Northern Nevada

If you need help with your grass in Reno or any other Northern Nevada community, contact Green Action Lawn Service to schedule regular fertilization treatments. Why let weeds and improper nutrition dull the beautiful color of your yard when a few easy applications can maintain healthy plant growth? To learn more about our experience as a trusted lawn company or sign up for any of our routine services, call us at 775-771-9823 today.