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Installing Irrigation Systems and Equipment for Reno Customers

Water is essential for proper plant growth, but there are better ways to hydrate your vegetation than turning on the garden hose. If you’re looking for an automated system that gets vital fluids to your plants, Green Action Lawn Service can install quality landscape irrigation components throughout your Reno property. We carry a wide range of products, such as drip systems and below ground sprinklers, and you can trust our experienced staff of landscaping professionals to properly incorporate each unit into your yard.

The Importance of Proper Watering

While it’s important to hydrate your plants, you can do more harm than good by overwatering. Not only are you wasting water, but you could also drown your vegetation or create an environment that fosters root rot and fungal growth. Before we start on any irrigation installation project, we take a careful look at your landscaping to determine the proper course of action. An above ground sprinkler system is a great way to distribute liquid throughout the property, but that’s just one tactic. We can also spread mulch around all of your trees and shrubs, and while this serves an aesthetic purpose, it also helps keep moisture in the ground.

Keeping Properties Green Throughout Northern Nevada

If you’re looking for a smarter way to water the plants at your Northern Nevada home or office building, let the professionals at Green Action Lawn Service design your sprinkler or tree irrigation systems. Why put your garden at risk or contribute to waste by overwatering when we can install a few simple devices that handle this important task automatically. To request an evaluation of your irrigation needs or enroll in one of our regular fertilization programs, contact our office in Reno today by calling 775-771-9823.
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